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Maddie was an Editor's Pick!

Maddie - EP


This Picture was selected as a TextAmerica Editor's Pick photo for July 30th, 2006! Click Here for the Ediot's Pick Archive, or Here for the full size version of the picture and the user comments.



Things on the Side .....

- 08/16/2006 I have been getting more pictures online in the media gallery. There are quite a few (about 1,000 per year) of Maddie that will be online within the next few days for 2003, 2004, and 2005. I put some albums together for trips I have taken to Amsterdam and a Carnival Cruise. I have also added some videos to the Fun Stuff album. So go Check It Out!

- 07/31/2006 One of my MoBlog pictures was selected as an Editor's Pick on the TextAmerica site... Click Here to check it out!

- 06/06/2006 The Chatterblock should now be up and running. Give it a try....

- 06/05/2006 I have added a couple of albums to the Galleries Section: 5/3 Riverbank Run and Sweden. Check them out if you get a chance, and use the slide-show option for easy viewing.

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